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Note from Secretariat

ISM Ranchi has been pioneer in creating new avenues of higher education and career development in last 3 decades in Jharkhand. Contribution of ISM Ranchi in creating business leaders from Jharkhand is phenomenal. Thousands of alumni of ISM Ranchi are not only glorifying the prestige of the institute, but also the pride of Jharkhand.

Brajesh Kant Jha, an alumnus of ISM says that “if ISM was not there, we would have studied in normal degree colleges in Jharkhand. I can’t imagine my life without ISM”With the support of Govt. of Jharkhand, ISM Ranchi has developed the skills of approximately 2000 unemployed youth from the underserved community from Jharkhand; and connected them with the employment. The Chairman of the Governing Council, Mr. R A K Verma mentions that “having adequate support from the government agencies and CSR funds, we would like to take this number to 10, 000 in next 3 years”SELF is one of the new initiatives of ISM Ranchi to create micro-entrepreneurs and to help them set-up their Micro-Enterprises.

The Vice-Chairman of the Governing Council, Mr. Saket Kumar mentions that “Many government policies and Micro-finance companies are emerging to empower the self-motivated budding entrepreneurs. However, most of such initiatives remain void due to the lack of a bridge between the demand and supply.

SELF will be that bridge and we at ISM Ranchi aim to create at least 500 micro-entrepreneurs in next 5 years.” Saket is the founder of ventures like OaS and Mobile Plus, is personally leading the effort of SELF. Another focus area of ISM is rural development and sustainability. Mr. Manish Kumar, an IIT Kharagpur alumnus, is the Joint-Secretary of the Governing council of ISM and founder of social ventures like ‘Farm & Farmers’ and ‘Back to Village’, is leading this vertical. Manish says that “Sustainability is a field which requires major attention and innovation in the present time.

Habitats in the rural India require business leaders, empowered with modern technology and global business practices, for an inclusive growth of the country. Adequate education and proper skill development is the only way forward. We at ISM Ranchi are committed to build the ‘sustainability capacity’ of the state of Jharkhand.”Seekha Verma , another IITian, and the new member of the governing council of ISM, who is monitoring and mentoring all new initiatives of the Institute, says that, “The difference that ISM brings to the society is that we serve the underserved, while others are busy in empowering the empowered ones” These enthusiastic youth leaders from Jharkhand are envisioning changing the Human Resource scenario of Jharkhand with the platform of ISM Ranchi.

ISM RANCHI has been a pioneer, since 1985!