Students Life

ISM Ranchi lays great emphasis on holistic development of our students. The Institute provides a range of opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. We take care of industry interaction, cultural activities, sports competitions, technical experience or entrepreneurial spirit. ISM Ranchi through its lecture series TEDX ISM Ranchi offers students opportunities to interact with and learn from accomplished people including business leaders, representatives of government and non-government organizations, artists and intellectuals who are a regular visitor of our campus on invitation to deliver talks and presentations that provide insights to the careers and personal attributes of these role-models. To make learning effective, we provide a congenial environment that not just nurtures but stimulates the interest of the best minds that receive it.

1. Adventure club

Adventure sports club at ISM Ranchi is the forum for adventure enthusiasts, trekkers, cycling and climbers in the student community. The members of this club work to develop the spirit of adventure among the students in ISM Ranchi and the vicinity of college. Activities organised are Trekking, Mountain biking and wall climbing.

2. Alumni Cell

The Students' Alumni Cell, ISM Ranchi is a voluntary student body strives to bridge the gap between ISM Ranchi and its esteemed alumni community. It has been instrumental in organising the Annual Alumni Meet, Regional Student Alumni Meet, regular guest lectures by distinguished alumni in the campus, publishing the quarterly newsletter & the annual yearbook.

3. Business Club

Business Club, popularly known as “Busibee”, is a society for all things related to business world. It is a knowledge sharing interface for like-minded individuals operating through a ‘knowledge-session’ approach. The Club also reaches out to the student community by organising Open House sessions, and increasingly, the general public.

4. Communication Club

Communication club popularly known as “” aims to provide customized attention to all students by serving as an interface between professional communication experts and individual students and working with the students to ensure that there is a perceptible change in the level of communication skills in ISM Ranchi.

5. Consulting Club

The Consulting Club of ISM Ranchi has been created to explore and enhance the student community’s interests in consulting and strategy, while helping clients solve their business problems or identify opportunities for improvement and growth at the same time. It’s a real-time problem solving exercise.

6. Cultural Club

Cultural Committee also known as “” ensure lively environment to all the students. All the cultural activities of any event is done by thissociety. “” is the main cultural fest of ISM Ranchi.

7. Debate Club

The Debating Society of ISM Ranchi try to built competitive debate organization. The flag ship event is Athena. This year it was conducted under the guidance of DR Terry O Brian.

8. Dramatic Society

The Dramatics Society of ISM Ranchi also known as “Nukkad” who thrives to bring a change in society by portraying the problems and issues through popular art forms of dramatics - Theatre, Mimes, Nuked Noatak’s(Street Play) , Movies. It also works to ensure the traditional forms of arts.

9. E Cell

E-cell one of the most active society of ISM Ranchi helps interested participants to stay connected with the world of entrepreneurship. This provides an immense opportunity for the participants to learn and network through these organizations. The Club organizes a series of guest lectures, Events and interaction sessions between students, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and others dignitaries from the corporate world.

10. Film Society

The film society of ISM Ranchi known as “Jollywood” is targeted at students who are interested in filmmaking. It has also been a Launchpad for students interested in pursuing careers in the Entertainment Industry. Every Saturday it shows movie of many National Award winning movies.

11. Finance Club

Finance club of ISM Ranchi focuses on creating an enthusiasm about finance in the campus and bracing up the student community for the industry rigor. The club strives to be an important partner in a participant’s career development by creating learning opportunities and providing industry interface.

12. Fine Art Society

Fine Art Society of ISM Ranchi is all about developing the traditional form of arts.

13. Health Club

Health Club of ISM Ranchi takes cares of the health related issues be it regular fitness of students or in vicinity, like Yoga, Zumba, Kathak Yoga, doctors session.

14. HR Club

HR club of ISM Ranchi aims to augment the growing interest of HR enthusiasts through supportive events and to provide a platform to prove their mettle. With the support and guidance of the experienced faculty, in OB/HR area, and its all-time emphasis on innovation and creativity, the club looks forward to create an impact.

15. Information Management Club

Information Management club of ISM Ranchi, was formed with a mission to appreciate the importance and uses of IT in the field of management. It provides a platform for the participants to interact with the corporate world and builds a strong synergy between them using Live Projects.

16. Literature Club

The literary club of ISM Ranchi is a group of language enthusiasts in English, Hindi and local languages expert, writers and designers. The society publishes the monthly student’s newsletter and the annual newsletter.

17. Marketing Club

Marketing Club of ISM Ranchi, works towards fostering an interest and passion for sales and marketing among students and helps enthusiasts hone their skills. Its aim is to facilitate the exposure of students to various marketing concepts and strategies, thus cultivating a culture of holistic learning through participation.

18. Music Society

If you are passionate about music, this is the place for you. It is one of the most dynamic and happening clubs in the campus. Comprising of a bunch of solid talented musicians and ever hungry music worshipers, the club with its various bands has been enthralling the Ranchi people.

19. Photography club

The photography club of ISM Ranchi who expresses their Love and Passion for Photography and like to capture Beautiful moments and express their feelings in the form of Photographs.

20. Placement Cell

The Placement Committee engages with various corporate organizations, and achieve better year-on-year placements, in terms of CTC, roles and diversity of Industry domains. It also develops knowledge base for current industry trends and expectations, and helps the students to meet these expectations by organizing knowledge sharing sessions.

21. Quiz Club

The ISM Ranchi quiz club is organising Athena since 2013 the inter collegiate quiz competition. It is target at building an atmosphere of quizzing under the guidance of the great quiz master “Dr. Terry O Brian.

22. Research

At the heart of The Research Club is our desire to connect people within the Market Research Industry also assisting the government in different project to give some input for the development of nearby areas. We host a series of business networking events which provide the opportunity to make new contacts, develop national and international business opportunities and keep up to date with the latest industry developments.

23. Social Club

Social club of ISM Ranchi has a mission to develop the area of around 5 km in its vicinity with its initiatives and to forged through partnership with corporate and government interventions. The club has taken several initiatives like Tree plantation drive, Educate the uneducated, women and road safety.

24. Sports Club

Sports society of ISM Ranchi believes in the principle of Swami Vivekananda that a healthy mind stays in the healthy body. With the Mantra of study hard play harder, the club organises a lot of activities.

25. Technology Club

The technology club of ISM Ranchi aims at creating awareness among students and to keep them, updated about the latest development happening in the society.

ISM RANCHI has been a pioneer, since 1985!