Hotel Management

ISM Ranchi is very well known for its Hotel Management department, serving the nation and hotel industry since 1985. ISM Ranchi curriculum combines theory & practical with major practical on hand on experience and learning. It incorporates suggestions from both industries and academic following the guidelines of AICTE. Students also get access to hands-on real-life training programme incorporated in their day to day activities to facilitate their on-job training. It offers a program that caters to five main areas; Food production, Bakery, Food and Beverage Service (F&B), Front office and Housekeeping. Apart from this core technical, we also provide expertise on sales marketing, operations, management etc. The Department of Hotel Management encourages students for short and long term industrial experience at reputed and luxurious hotels to develop real life industry experience. With a strong alumni network of last 33 years, with most of the alumni already heading the 5 star hotels in metros, placement and training is never an issue for the students. It also provides numerous opportunities to interact with industry professionals and academic experts.

The department is having the following labs at par with industries with the latest equipments

  • Basic training Kitchen
  • Basic training Kitchen
  • Quantitative training Kitchen
  • Food & Beverages Service lab
  • Bakery & Confectionary lab
  • Housekeeping operation lab
  • Front office Lab
  • Restaurant

There are three main courses running are

  • Degree in Hotel Management: The degree in hotel management is a 3 years course affiliated to Annamalai University.
  • Diploma in Hotel Management: The degree in hotel management is a 3 years course affiliated to AICTE and SBTE.
  • 1 year certificate courses in Hospitality: This is a one year course on hospitality which gives
    • Certificate in food production
    • Certificate in Food and Beverage Service (F&B),
    • Certificate in Front office
    • Certificate in Accommodation
    • Certificate in Hospitality

ISM RANCHI has been a pioneer, since 1985!